Independent Instructor

Received Graduate Employee Teaching Award, 2018

EC201: Introduction to Microeconomics

  • Summer 2016
  • Spring 2019 (scheduled)

EC313: Intermediate Macroeconomics

  • Fall 2016
  • Spring 2018

EC333: Introduction to Environmental Economics

  • Summer 2017

EC421: Introduction to Econometrics

  • Winter 2018
  • Fall 2018 (in progress)

Lab Instructor

EC201: Introduction to Microeconomics

  • Spring 2016

EC421: Introduction to Econometrics

  • Winter 2016
  • Winter 2017
  • Spring 2017

Student Comments

"Will was one of the most helpful instructors I have had in my college career. His lab sections were excellently paced, intelligently structured, and clear to understand. When asked questions, Will gave comprehensive yet succinct answers." – EC421: Introduction to Econometrics Lab, Spring 2017

"Instructor is exceptionally clear, organized, and easy to follow. He is very receptive when you ask questions and never makes you feel like you asked a dumb or obvious question. As far as improvement goes, I would say keep doing what he's doing, it was a fantastic class!" – EC313: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Fall 2016

"Will is a very good teacher and explains the subject well. One can also realize his passion for the subject." – EC333: Introduction to Environmental Economics, Summer 2017

"Will is a great professor. He always goes over notes from last class for a quick refresher for a few minutes before jumping into the new topics of the day which is really helpful with this class material that is difficult to understand. The lectures and homeworks bring to life the importance of economics. Will is open to questions and available for help outside of class as well. Thank you for a great term!" – EC421: Introduction to Econometrics, Winter 2018

"Will has a manner of teaching that is clear and direct, which was beneficial for me as a student. He gives time for students to ask questions in class and engage with the material, and he holds many office hours. He is always willing and happy to help students. He's also super friendly, which is always a plus!" – EC201: Introduction to Microeconomics, Summer 2016

"Cool dude. Very knowledgeable. The material itself could get a little dry but he was funny and it was obvious he cared about the material and teaching. Would take him again 10/10" – EC313: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Spring 2018